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Your donation will enable BUDDIES 4 LIFE to continue with the provision of pre-school education in a loving environment at an existing school. If you are interested, you can also help us start a new BUDDIES 4 LIFE school through your donation. We your help the hands and feet of our organisation can continue to focus on the children in BUDDIES 4 LIFE school. By donating, you or your organisation can become partner with BUDDIES 4 LIFE in creating a better future!


If you would like to see BUDDIES 4 LIFE continue its endeavor to provide children with a devoted, and inspiring setting in which they can learn, grow and develop, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to BUDDIES 4 LIFE. There is no amount too small, with your generous support the possibilities are endless.

Start a BUDDIES 4 LIFE school

Starting a school is the ripple effect of helping thousands of children over the years to come, we require an initial setup fee of approximately R250 000.00 in order to purchase the basic shell of a fully functioning educational center. A full cost breakdown will be given beforehand as transparency is something we hold highly.

Corporate companies, remember you can start your own school and we’ll make sure the school name is affiliated with your business.

Join our organisation today and start making a difference.