Established Buddies 4 Life Centres

BUDDIES 4 LIFE started in an underprivileged suburb of Windhoek, Namibia, where we opened our first centre for twenty children. Through the school we are changing the lives of our students and the lives of their parents and as a result the community as a whole.

We want every BUDDIES 4 LIFE school which we start to have this ripple effect of uplifting the communities that need it most.


We are currently gearing towards opening a number of BUDDIES 4 LIFE schools in South Africa.

Admission & Enrollment

BUDDIES 4 LIFE enrolls children from 3-6 years of age. Young children learn most effectively through play & imaginative play. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are also developed within these years. 

Children from underprivileged families, within the surrounding area, will enjoy preliminary preference in both securing a place for their education as well as daily meals to keep their tummy’s full and minds curious.